Visual Studio Error

Unable to Start Debugging on the Web Server. The Web Server is not Configured correctly.

Visual Studio Error

Visual Studio Build Error


This blog is regarding one issue which happened couple of days back while building a demo app.


One of the freshers in my company had this issue and I tried to resolve. The opportunity is huge, when you try to put yourself in their boot. They do crazy things and break the application. However, as my tech name is “BugTrapper“, so I started my research.


Then I found that the application is hosted in IIS with an IP in the binding.


Binding in IIS

Now, I wanted to check the Project Url in the Project Properties. This is what I saw.


Project Properties

So, it’s obvious now. The problem is the URL mismatch.


I just updated the Project Url to the IP mentioned in IIS. Voila!!! All started working at the next moment.

Have you ever Faced This?

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