CodeProject MVP Status for 2014


Today, I got an email from Chris Maunder (Co-founder of CodeProject) that I have recognized as MVP for my contributions made throughout the year. This is my first MVP award and I am really excited about it.

I love to spend time on answering Questions and writing Tips on CodeProject. The CodeProject is a nice place of passionate Programmers around the world. We help each other and try to resolve difficult issues.

Thanks CodeProject team and other CodeProject members who have guided me throughout the year.

Thanks a ton to Mindfire Solutions (my current company),  my Colleagues, Lead, Manager and Reputation Manager for encouraging me from time to time.

Last, but not the least, my family and friends, they always believe in my abilities, which is a confidence booster for me to work hard for the Community.

Saying all this, I announce the launch of my Blog. So, please Follow it, Share with your friends, Add as a Bookmark to your Browsers. 🙂


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